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Change. Transition.

Posted by  Nancy  May 31, 2013

Change. Transition. Two plain words that can install total panic in each and every one of us. Yet, everyday we live with both. Controlling change and transition are impossible leaving us with the amazing option to decide how to handle those changes and transitions.

Don’t worry, our mission statement is still the same: We still believe in the amazing ability of women as active agents of change in their communities. We still believe that sustainability – environmental, social and economic – is the foundation of strong communities. And we still believe that creating culturally sensitive projects is vital in creating sustainable change.

We completed our work in Bogota and are still reflecting on the amazing experience we had working with the women of Yo Mujer. We also had the opportunity to work with Vencedoras de Batallas, a group of prostitutes who knew they had the ability become better women and stronger leaders in their communities. Hungry for Change, a month-long event organized to raise awareness and funding for famine relief in the Horn of Africa was an amazing success. We were able to deliver checks to CARE and the World Food Programme for $2,200 each to help fund their initiatives to feed thousands of starving women and children. Last year we partnered with a phenomenal group here in Atlanta, 50 Cents.Period. to support their programming locally and internationally. From the schools of Kathmandu, to the rural villages of southern India, and to the refugee community of metro-Atlanta we helped to create change in the lives of women all around the globe.

For the rest of 2013 and 2014, Mango Tree Foundation is focusing on finding new projects supporting women worldwide. We are currently evaluating potential projects in Bolivia, Guatemala, Nicaragua and potentially South Africa.

Our Board is lean and our volunteer board members are committed. Lynn Patterson and Tyler Hengs have each taken on responsibilities for project development and fundraising. We continue to keep our organizations finances very lean allowing us to use almost 95% of our funds for projects. We have a new webpage and a new webmaster. Marcella Chase has committed to being a very important part of our transition and has created a beautiful new logo and webpage. She is also creating relevant and vital messaging through social media!
We’d like to welcome you to Mango Tree Foundation 2.0. We hope you will join us on our adventure. Be part of our

Be part of ouramazing change and transition. I look forward to hearing from you. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.


-Nancy Bauer