Our current project is working with an organization called YO MUJER (I, Woman - in Spanish). YO MUJER is an organization dedicated to helping women displaced from the Colombian countryside adjusting to life in Bogota, Colombia. These women arrive in Bogota after harrowing experiences such as being violently forced off their land, having their husbands killed or localized armed conflicts. Often they arrive in Bogota with only the clothes on their back and their children in tow. Living in an urban environment is a strange phenomenon for most of these women. Simple tasks such as taking a bus, opening a bank account or obtaining a job are basic things they lack the knowledge to know how to do.

YO MUJER was founded by Teresa Díaz and Diva Trujillo, who themselves are victims of the violence that forced them to flee the countryside and head for the relative safety of Bogota. To date, more than 700 families have been helped by YO MUJER. The Inter-American Development Bank has an article on YO MUJER which tells their story in vivid detail.

YO MUJER currently rents two houses in the community of Ciudad Bolivar on the outskirts of Bogota. Recently, they have engaged in micro-enterprise endeavors to provide general income. MTF is working with YO MUJER to help them obtain a permanent house and expand their micro-enterprise activities. MTF believes we have a social responsibility to help those less fortunate and we are asking you to donate to this project. Donations are tax-deductible.